Wonder Zoo MOD APK Ver 2.1.1a – Animal Rescue [Unlimited Gold, Money & Gems]

Wonder Zoo is a strategy game that will have you making very important decisions for the safety and entertainment of animals in your zoo. Criminals are trying to destroy it in wonder zoo mod apk, so take on this challenge.

As a Player now, it’s our responsibility to build the park where animals can feel safe and provide entertainment centers for visitors. Use funds wisely so that you don’t experience financial collapse.

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Wonder Zoo Mod Apk 

APK Name Wonder Zoo Mod Apk
Version 2.1.1a
Category Casual
Requirements 2.3 and Up
language EN, FR, DE, ES…..
OBB Download

Wonder Zoo Apk Mod Features

  • Unlimited Gold
  • No Root Required
  • Anti-ban
  • Unlocked APK (Fully)

How to Download and Install Wonder Zoo Apk Mod?

  • Download the Modified APK
  • Install the Apk
  • Go to Security Settings> Allow Installation from Unknown Resources.
  • Download the OBB file.
  • Unzip data on the Path: /sdcard/android/obb/
  • Launch the Game and Enjoy the Wonder Zoo Apk Mod


In Wonder Zoo, you are the head zookeeper and must build a safe haven for all of your favorite animals. Fill up this new zoo with as many creature friends that can be found. But it won’t come easy, criminals have destroyed some cages in order to liberate their abducted companions, but don’t worry though because now they’re on high alert (it is after all called ‘Wonder’!). It’s tough decision time once again where every penny counts, do I need another concert hall or an enclosure full off?

It’s a battle for survival as the last safari tents ring out in an abandoned field. The animals have been taken one by one and now it’s up to you, researcher extraordinaire with your own Wonder Zoo project! Defend these wild beasts from those who would kill them off without hesitation or remorse ,it could be YOUR turn next.
The world population grows at an alarming rate every year: 8 million more people enter into this enormous gene pool while 6 billion less wildlife wander around looking like lost souls on earth sans their herds of prey. But don’t let yourself get too distracted, helping endangered species can mean saving themselves first before anything else happens.

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Wonder Zoo is not only an attractive 3D graphics system simulation game for android, but also includes many other features to keep players interested. With the prehistoric world tours of vast maps such as van and jungle where you can find beasts from long ago like unicorns or phoenix; it’s time to breed them in order create your own perfect zoo with decorative items like trees!

Make your Dream Zoo

Now it’s time for you to make your very own zoo. Collect animals from around the world and fill up this beautiful animal kingdom. Breed unique breeds of every species in order t create new families or just add some flair with customization options like decorations, shops an entertainment centers that suit everyone’s taste perfectly
Curious about what else is possible? Check out all these amazing features.

Final Words

Enter a world of mystery and adventure in Wonder Zoo. Protect your animals from poachers, build secure buildings for them to live out their days happily ever after. You can also make shops that cater visitors’ needs with Entertainment centers too, providing all sorts adventures they’re looking forward to you at the zoo.
Tons more content than just housing animals so go ahead take up residence as one or many characters living through this amazing story about caring deeply for other creatures while balancing responsibilities around managing finances wisely.

General FAQ’s

Is it possible to download this on my iOS device?

The app is only available for Android devices.

Will I get unlimited money if I install the game?

Yes, you will receive unlimited funds.

Does this game violate the Anti-Ban Act?

This game is anti-ban. Your account is safe with us. The software is completely safe to use.

Does this game work online or offline?

There is no online mode for this game. Downloading the game requires only an Internet connection. Additionally, it is completely offline.


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