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WhatsApp Messenger is the best messaging app to keep in touch with friends and family. You can use WhatsApp on any device that has wireless internet connectivity, including 4G/3G/2G networks or even via Wi-Fi connections at home. With this innovative service you don’t have pay for messages anymore, just send them for FREE through your data plan every day of the week.

WhatsApp Messenger Apk


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WhatsApp Messenger – Latest Version Free Download

WhatsApp is a text messaging app with video and voice calls. It’s the most popular messenger in the world! You can call anyone who has this installed without having to worry about expensive data charges, because it uses your phone’s monthly plan instead of going overages like other apps do.

You can easily have an intimate conversation with your friends without worrying about data caps or being spied on. The app’s encrypted messaging, voice calling capabilities and media attachment support are just three features that make it stand out from competitors like WhatsApp which has faced multiple scandals involving user privacy breaches in recent years due to its billion dollar valuation despite facing lawsuits over these claims as well.

You can create groups, share media with the group members and enjoy another interesting functionality. The built-in image compressor will automatically compress your images so that they are easier for you to upload on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. You have also option of inviting others into their own private communities if they aren’t already partied up yet.

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Features Of WhatsApp Messenger Apk

Below mentioned are some of its important features.

Privacy Control

New WhatsApp features have been added to the app in order prevent hacks and data leaks. The latest update includes fingerprint security, which only becomes enabled when users install sensors on their device running version 6.0 or higher of Android devices with processor capability over 1 GHz.

It is important that you set this up right because there are some serious consequences if not disabled, such as being unable answer calls while also preventing yourself from accessing messages unless unlocked manually by swiping your finger across certain points located below where preview sender information would show up inside notification bar alerts about new conversations among other things like message previews themselves, all found within one easy online interface available at “WhatsApp Privacy.”

The new feature allows you to set who can add your contacts, so instead of letting anyone join a group it’s only available for members in My Contacts or an exclusion list. This means if I’ve blocked someone from adding me they still send invites directly, but these are sent privately and cannot be accepted by others unless unblocked first.

Finally, the call waiting feature for WhatsApp is here. This will enable users to see who’s calling them even when on a call and answer or reject it as they wish without having any interruptions in conversation with friends. Same like your standard landline phone calls, you can accept incoming messages while still maintaining connection through voice chat if desired by all parties involved.

The newest update of this popular messaging app finally brings forth some much awaited changes, first up being an improved version 2 that includes more stability among other improvements such as allowing extra person chats over Wi-Fi rather than just cellular data networks, though texting between two strangers remains disabled at launch until its rerelease following feedback from testers so far.

WhatsApp Web and Desktop services

Chatting on the go is great, but you can still enhance your experience with Whatsapp messenger Apk via desktop or laptop sign-in. It’s called WhatsApp Web and just pop open an internet browser window to scan QR codes for instant access into all of your chats available right there in front of you.

Themes and Dark Mode

Those who chat with WhatsApp for Android late into the night get excited. We say this because the latest update has arrived to make your vision less harsh while you communicate with friends and family members. Although it was a little later than other apps, they’ve finally got on board- below are some steps that will help turn their version of messaging in an even more comfortable experience.

The new dark mode is here, just tap ” hamburger menu three vertical dots” then choose Dark Mode at top right corner when available or off if needed.”

Business Version Of WhatsApp Apk

WhatsApp has been innovative in their efforts to keep the messenger rolling. The new update, 4G internet is a great example of this as it provides more horizons for innovation and allows WhatsApp’s SME & E-commerce Business Type users even greater opportunities with client base management through an enabled upgraded version called “WhatsApp Business.”

Some Noticeable features of Whatsapp Business Version

  • With this business plan, you can create a profile to showcase your company’s information. This will let potential customers know about what it is that makes up the foundation of your organization, all in one place.
  • You can make sure not to miss any clients by using business labels and highlighting those who are interested in your services.
  • Auto responds let you engage with clients easily and quickly. Automated messages take care of your customer even when away.
  • In business, numbers are crucial for making strategic decisions. A savvy entrepreneur can use statistics to see what kind of customers they have and how many there are in total with their current customer base, which will enable them to come up with a plan accordingly.
  • WhatsApp also offers enterprise solutions for bigger corporations but they cost an annual subscription.


With more than 1.5 billion active users, WhatsApp Apk is the most widely used chatting app across all platforms with end to end encryption that ensures your messages stay safe and sound even when exchanged between different devices or operating systems. In addition to this feature being present in chats sent from one phone number it has been planned for future versions as well, meaning no matter where you go on earth someone can’t access what’s going through their network.

One possible way this could change global cashless economy would be by allowing payments over text message instead of money itself which may soon become a common practice among many people around world due its convenience factor alone.

Final Verdict

The WhatsApp app is a modern and easy to use communication tool. It has all the features we need in one place, quick reply options, forwarding of messages without having to tap on each individual participant’s name or icon just their profile picture.

What started as a chat application has now become one of the most popular messaging apps across countries. With flexible features and an easy-to-use interface, Whatsapp Messenger Apk is loved by many consumers because it adapts to demand which also makes its lifespan long enough for developers not worry about updating every year like other platforms do with new software updates or mobile game releases.

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