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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (MOD, Money/Unlocked)

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (MOD, Money/Unlocked)

Spider-man is one of Marvel’s most famous character figures. Although young, Peter Parker (Spider-Man) made a great contribution to the journey to protect humanity under the attack of villains in films: Infiniti War, Spider-Man Far From Home, Spider-Man Coming Home, Spider-Man 1, Spider-Man 2, … Do you love Spider-Man characters? Have you ever wished for a strong fighting ability like Spider-Man? or the ability to stick and release silk-like him? The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has brought you the opportunity to become Spider-Man. This game has been developed by mobile game developer Gameloft based on the movie of the same name. The hard journey of a hero is ahead. You are Spider-Man. Are you ready to fight for everyone?


Amazing Spiderman 2 has the content around Peter Parker. During chemical stealing in the lab, he was accidentally bitten by a spider and gained the special ability of spiders: sticking on surfaces and spraying spider silk. At the same time, dangers were everywhere in Manhattan – the city where he and Aunt May were living. Gangster gangs conduct illegal trading and kill innocent people. Kraven The Hunter’s Russian, the criminal family “Hammerhead’s Maggia”, the high-tech group U.L.T.R.A. In addition, there was the appearance of villains: The Green Goblin, Electro, Rhino, and Venom. They are trying to take control of the city and make people worship them as a hero. Peter realized that Manhattan was becoming chaotic. He will use his ability to fight evil forces, bringing peace to the people of Manhattan.


When you join this game, you will be cast as Spider-Man. Your task is to fight the bad guys who are causing trouble everywhere in the city, helping the police to arrest criminals. Before actually starting to play, you will be guided system on how to shoot spider silk, how to fly and how to attack the enemy. With the available abilities, you can even move on walls or fly into the air.

Regarding the control feature, the system will provide you with a control panel that includes feature buttons: move, attack, and land. In the process you are moving to locations in the city, you just need to swipe the virtual home button in the left corner of the screen, the character will automatically shoot the silk so you can move to anywhere in the city. And on the right is a feature button, which helps you land safely. When you land on the ground, the “grounding” feature button will disappear, instead of fighting skills buttons: punching, kicking, spider silk, .. will appear. You only need to approach the enemy with a close enough distance and press the corresponding skill buttons to attack.

Great responsibility

Chaos events take place throughout the city. Each event takes place, you will have to go to many areas where attacks occur to solve those who are causing chaos. It could be a bank robbery or kidnapping of the mafia, the city attacks and destroying everything of villains like Electro, The Green Goblin. In the upper left corner of the screen, the system provides you with a miniature map. On the map, you can see the direction/area where the attacks/chaos are taking place. You will turn to the areas to solve. After solving all the chaos, you will pass the event and move on to the next event. The first events are usually quite simple and the enemies are quite weak. But the later events, you will have to fight a large number of enemies and they are much more powerful.

Suit and upgrades

In addition to the traditional suit, Amazing Spiderman 2 also offers 4 other suits for players to equip their characters: Iron Spider Suit, Cosmic Spider-Man Suit, Black Suit, and Spider-Man Noir Suit. This game does not have a system of characters like other role-playing games, but the suit system will replace. Each type of outfit will come with indicators: attack, defense, speed, HP and players can upgrade to enhance these stats. These suits are not available, you will have to accumulate bonuses during the battle and on duty to unlock suit and upgrade them. However, if you download this game here, you will have a lot of money to use.


Attractive gameplay, thrilling storyline, and diverse features are not all that Amazing Spiderman 2 brings. Amazing Spiderman 2 also becomes much more attractive by the excellent graphics system. Gameloft is always so, they develop their games very well before they release. They conceive that a good product must have attractive features and perfect graphics. They tried to develop this game on a 3D platform with simulation technologies to increase the experience for players. Do you like the feeling of flying in a 3D world? With this game, it’s possible. All objects, works, every street, every car, from the main character to the minor characters are meticulously designed and polished to every detail. Because of advanced simulation technology, the characters’ fighting and effects become more vivid and authentic than ever. In addition, Amazing Spiderman 2 also incorporates short cut clips in many scenes, creating an artistic movie that you play the main character.

Besides graphics, the sound system also contributes a big part in the success of this game. A lot of sounds has been dubbed into the game. You can feel the power in each punch, each attack. You will also feel the bustle of the city by the noise of cars, from the announcement speakers, from explosions caused by enemies and from the people who are encouraging you to fight.

Support handle

Amazing Spiderman 2 is not only a game for mobile but also more. Gameloft was a built-in game that connects to the handle. If you sometimes want to change the way you control, you can connect it to the handle via Bluetooth, instead of on-screen operations. Although not new, it seems that there are very few games that integrate this feature on a mobile game developed.

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