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    November 28, 2019 at 4:36 am
MOD Info
  • In mods divide the item to get a large number of it
  • Only in mod [Many items / immortality]: you do not receive almost all the damage (there are exceptions, for example – you can suffocate under water)
  • Only in fashion 1.2.12785 [Free craft]: you can craft any things, even if you do not have the necessary ingredients.
  • Instructions for using the mod select any item in the inventory that has more than one piece, then click on the Share button and confirm – in the inventory there will be 2 stacks of this item of 255 pieces each.

If you have A little knowledge of the game is sure to know Minecraft because it is one of the most interesting gameplay in the world today. The products I have been following in this game have been released a lot in the world. You can find it by searching for simple keywords right away from Google. Most of these nights are free and have fairly stable quality. Terraria is really not a follower game but it has some very similar characteristics to Minecraft that you should test. Released in 2011 it was a fairly large community game and these people continue to support until now. This game sells on Google Play for more than $ 5. But if you want to test it for free, we have an apk file that can serve you.

Terraria seems like the minimalist version of Minecraft when it uses 2D pixel graphics. Everything is built on a world like a side-scrolling. Of course, you can move freely in this world rather than having to do the task and you can only move on without being able to return to the previous time. Because it builds on such a 2D world, there will be different mechanisms compared to Minecraft. Therefore, this product is quite special and you will have to spend a lot of time to learn everything from scratch. Although there are similarities, it works according to a completely different mechanism. Thanks to that, until now, players continue to watch this game and the world of “Terraria” still makes many people interested in learning.

A rumor is sure to come true

For the followers, it has long been realized that the production team has updated the new patches since the end of 2016. Meaning everything is still stopped at version 1.2.12785 and has not progressed in nearly two years. Everything still works normally but there have been some data gaps and there are a few modes people have played bored with. Therefore an update is really necessary for “Terraria”. Fans of the game are waiting for the latest update that the publisher has mentioned. They have been watching for a long time on YouTube’s famous reviewers, game players. There is some information to say that until November 2019, there will be a 1.3 update that brings about a change, once a completely new makeover of the game. This is sure to make fans feel that everything is back. This version will definitely continue to make the gaming community buzz again, the forums will continue to function, and the chats will rattle again like before.

Low capacity – light configuration requirements – suitable for all subjects

When you download a game, make sure to track whether you are eligible to use this product. Often with mid-range smartphones today, games like this will not be difficult for them. Indeed, Android OS 4.0.3 and above and 512MB RAM (1GB RAM recommended) is everything about the hardware you need to equip yourself before playing this game. However, the problem is that if your device has less than 1GB of memory, there will be minor performance problems. If you created Expanded World, make sure there is not enough memory to store it. If there is less than 512MB, then the game will definitely not allow you to open Expanded World.

Digging! Build! Defense! Fighting

As I said above, its gameplay is quite similar to Minecraft. But in fact, everything is not the same at all. “Terraria” gives players a small time to prepare when they will have to dig and search all kinds of materials to build they’re own strong enough houses and create powerful weapons. strong. They will be the basis for the future war when powerful forces will appear and threaten your life. The world in this game is a bit faster than Minecraft so the challenges will come to you a little faster. In fact, it does not have too many beautiful scenes for you to straighten out and learn, putting challenges out immediately so that you have to confront it makes it weak to the point that you don’t have so many beautiful landscapes…

The world in this game is much smaller than Minecraft so it will be designed with a variety of styles so that you can learn and feel more interested. The Earth in the game is extremely diverse with many different types of terrain and worlds arranged and overlapping in many locations. You can adventure on a separate world in the sky called the floating islands. They stay there for thousands of years with some magical power that can make them float against the power of gravity. Or sometimes the player will go to work deep in the earth here, everything will be horrible. The Underworld has always been a great shelter for monsters. When players go to these lands, watch out because powerful bosses are everywhere. They always carry in their own special abilities that can defeat you very quickly. However, like all other games, these posts have weaknesses. A player’s skills and senses will show here when he discovers that his weakness is fast or slow.

Other Features

Unlike Minecraft, which is a Single Player game, “Terraria” has a small mode called Multiplayer that allows players to connect with their friends via local wi-fi. 4 cross-platform players will join a world to experience the game with their friends.

As mentioned here, it is very important to make items from the materials that we earn in nature. Therefore, players can discover more than 1360+ CRAFTING RECIPES. They are all necessary things like weapons, armor, potions, and more! These things greatly affect your gameplay. If the player loses, he will surely be dropped all his belongings and pushed back to his home, losing some indicators and works. With the number of finished products that you can create from natural materials, your enemies are equally diverse. With over 450 enemy types, they will have many ways to attack and destroy you. In addition, you can summon more than 30 types of pets to be your friends. For a world where Birth is placed on top priority, there is not any force to be trusted. Only the dogs are loyal to you.

All download links for Terraria
Download Terraria
V1. (MOD, Items)
Download Terraria
V1. (MOD, Items/Immortality)
Download Terraria
V1.2.12785 (MOD, Free craft)

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