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Jake is a graffiti artist in the Subway Surfers, who’s caught by police. To avoid punishment he must flee along railway tracks on his skateboard and use different amplifiers to make noise while running past trains that will help him escape.

Subway Surfers

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Subway Surfers Apk – Latest Version Free Download

A game where you skateboard or bike through the tunnels of a big city is an interesting take on subway art. Graffiti and rolling train cars go hand in hand, because they offer creative freedom for spray-painted messages that express one’s self without limits when it comes to space restrictions found in other forms like sculpture parks or public monuments around town squares.

Subway Surfers Apk offers endless runner gameplay which allows players easy access into this style while still maintaining its unique elements; namely how player progress can be saved at any time before starting over again if something goes wrong.

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Features Of Subway Surfers Apk

  • HD Graphics and Colors.
  • Jump up and hit the button on your backpack to make yourself fly like a jet.
  • Slide your finger to do amazing stunts.
  • Urban Settings.
  • Change different Characters.
  • Play with your friends and compare scores.
  • Daily Challenges and Missions.
  • Collect coins to unlock different items in stores.

Features Of Subway Surfers Apk

Run, Grab Your Skate, And Avoid Getting Caught

The mission that we will find in this game by downloading the APK on our smartphone or tablet is to escape from police with their dog trying hunt us down for vandalism. We must try fleeing at full speed through railway facilities of metropolitan transport while skateboarding, but if caught can do nothing else than run away as fast as possible.

You’ll need to dodge obstacles and trains while moving from one lane to another. You can jump with the skateboard for extra speed if needed, but you only have a limited time.

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  • minimum operating system requires Android 4.1 and up.

Final Verdict

In all this time, they have made us travel around the world with their World Tour that presents a different city and its totally new scenery. Jake T Wakefield from San Diego is one of those charismatic characters who you can’t help but love as he travels across Europe making friends left right center downtown. He’s run on London (twice!), Rio de Janeiro Paris & Barcelona. Before finally ending up in Berlin where we met him again last week… But what will be next?

Stay connected for next Visits.


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