Subsidy APP Update Download 2021 – With Complete Procedure

A subsidy is the government’s way of rewarding individuals for doing something they should be doing anyway. This could take many forms, from cash subsidies and grants to tax breaks on income taxes or property values, it all comes down how much reward you want with your incentive.

Subsidy App 

The newly launched app by the Agriculture Department of Punjab Government Pakistan is a good way to get subsidies and financial assistance. This new method will help you in getting your fertilizers on time without any hassle, which means that all farmers can now benefit from these programs easily.
The input above discusses how easy it is for anyone who has access rights (i.e., registered) with Subsidy App ,the best  subsidy tracking tool . The sentences also elaborate about some features they provide including grants given when securing funds through this registration process no matter where one lives around Pakistan or even outside its borders; receiving alerts upon reaching certain milestones throughout each season like planting seeds before winter arrives etc.; accessing vital information upfront such as availability.

Subsidy Apk

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Subsidy App Update Procedure

With the help of this app, you can easily apply for subsidies and get confirmation on your purchase. To use it all registered farmers need to do is enter their thirteen digit code from a provided coupon inside bag with seeds or fertilizers then scratch off number that appears in front barcode scanner machine takes them immediately into system where everything has been set up correctly so there’s no need go back again.

The CNICs and farm subsidies are recorded in the system. Then after recording this information, farmers can go to an agent with their original documents for cash handouts from our government agencies. This is a very modern way of doing things that has been specially designed so we have accurate records on who’s receiving payments as well as where they’re getting these funds from allowing us make sure everything runs smoothly at home too. The transactions themselves happen quickly thanks both now being updated real time-so there should be little disruption during business hours if any at all, heck even overnight processing might work because everything gets inputted automatically anyway (with location details provided each day).

Detail of Subsidies

The Punjab government is giving 500 Pakistani rupees for every bag of DAP, and an additional 150 to farmers who grow mops. They’re also providing a subsidy worth 8 thousand Pakistan takas per acre on canola planting with sunflower seeds as well!
In Multan alone 36000 people applied for these subsidies last year, but if you want your family’s farm back from weeds then contact us because we’ll help get rid of them fast using our free mustard seed packets (200 each) or one time payments up front which could total over 40K all told before interest charges come out again next harvest

Purpose of Subsidy

Subsidized Subsidy is a unique app that offers subsidies on basic goods and services to farmers in the form of cash, food items or fertilizers. The main purpose behind this project was about giving security for essential needs such as water supply, electricity etc. which might not otherwise be possible due to exorbitant costs caused by an exceptional situation like inflationary conditions .This has been achieved through promoting economic sustainability among those who produce our country’s staple foods, Rice & Wheat Cultivators earning them proper incomes so they too can live with dignity until their next harvest season.

About Version

The old version of this app is still working because there’s no new one to install. Farmers can easily use it without any hassle or problems, even though we are all waiting on an update from Google.

Key Features of Subsidy APP

It’s totally free to use and it has a very fast download speed. Plus, you don’t have pay for messages either! You can send them from your phone without any balance or data usage – no worries about running out of credits before sending that long awaited message with friends back home who might not be able afford the international calling rates right now because they’re waiting on an income too.

Additional Information

APP Name Subsidy
Size 13 MB
Last Updated 12/05/2021
Offered By Punjab ID Board
Version 1.0.7
System Requirements Android 4.2 and up


This app has two languages, which are the following: English & Urdu. The farmers can check their subsidies in any desired language with this easy-to-use mobile application. Most of them do not have access to education so that Urdu version is very helpful for these people as well and will allow them an easier way to find out when it comes time for payments or distributions from government aid programs like PMTIP (Provincial Meadow Improvement Program).
The input sentence talks about how someone who doesn’t speak much English would be able use google translate on Urdu -which was Punjabi I believe-, but by adding something along those lines into our passage makes more

Installation Guide for Subsidy App

Now I am telling you how to install the Subsidy App, it is very easy to install. Follow below given steps.

  • First download subsidy app from Google Play Store or  from our Website
  • Then allow unknown sources permission from your device in settings
  • Then click on this app and install it
  • It takes two to three minutes to install
  • When installing the process complete click on open
  • First, open your internet connection then click on open
  • When you open this App the update notification is a popup
  • Open the app
  • After this select your language English or Urdu
  • Click on the inquiry subsidy option
  • Then enter your CNIC number and click on the search option
  • Wait for 1 to 3 minutes
  • Then you are the detail of the subsidy will be shown

Reviews about Subsidy App

10K+ people download this app and give positive reviews. Farmers are totally satisfied with it, they say that the best thing about is how beneficial it can be for their business. It has been steadily gaining popularity over time as well – day by days more farmers are using our awesome tool to grow tomatoes without pesticides or herbicides easily on any terrain imaginable.

Final Verdict

The Agriculture Department of the Punjab government introduced a new application. It’s called The Daily Accommodates and it provides prices for different types of accommodations, which are available in markets across cities! This is an easy way to check if your farmer subsidies or financial assistance could be higher than usual because they’ve got all this information at their fingertips–especially when you’re on Farm trucks app too.

The newly launched “daily accommodates” by Provincial Government Of Punjab provides details about facilities such as farmhouses & cottages that can sleep up to 6 people.

APK file, safe to download and free of any virus.

General FAQs

What is the amount of government subsidy?

Farmers and service providers receive financial assistance of Rs. 225,000 per unit.

How much does the subsidy cost overall?

Total cost is between Rs. 550,000 and Rs. 650,000.

How do I apply for a subsidy?

The Punjab Agriculture Department invites interested farmers through advertisements. OFWM offices at the provincial, regional, district, and tehsil levels provide the application forms to interested farmers. For further processing, submit the completed forms along with the necessary documents to the District Officer (OFWM). You can also download the application form from the OFWM website.

What are the eligibility criteria for subsidy? 

Punjabi farmers, citizens, and residents are eligible. Those who hold agricultural land (whether owned or leased) are eligible.

What documents are required for Subsidy?

There is no requirement for any lease, only the land possession document, i.e. “Fard Milkiat”.

What are the payment methods for Subsidy?   

From the office, you will be provided with a duly completed challan form. Deposit in the national bank/treasury of the government.

What is the Fee, Taxes, Levies, and Hire rate? 

For small farmers, it is Rs.560 per machine hour and for larger ones, it is Rs.100 per hour, supported by HSD provision by the farmers


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