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    September 18, 2019
Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

Shooting games really have a very high position in the world game. In essence, most gamers are always looking for attractive challenges and giving them exciting battles. Therefore, these games allow them to show their talents to the maximum. Gameloft is an influential game publisher, so their shooting game is more focused on this fiercely competitive market. Six-Guns: Gang Showdown is a game that has been released for a long time and has achieved many unexpected successes. Currently, it has supported a lot of languages ​​and is still a standard image of a shooting game yet to be broken. Players from many different countries gather into one set and enjoy together exciting competitive hours. This world of western America is really a worthy battlefield to choose the greatest heroes.

Highly rated perfection

“Six-Guns: Gang Showdown” is indeed a well-balanced game. The most obvious proof is that over a long time, it still doesn’t need to adjust too many things. The patches are just about improving performance, optimizing, and correcting some display errors. And these patches are only responsible for bringing the latest events to players, along with adding themes to suit the occasion. The image of the game is really a considerable influence on gameplay at a later time. With full HD graphics that are basically invested from the beginning, “Six-Guns: Gang Showdown” brings fascinating experiences and impresses players from the first matches. The 3D format describes everything in detail. If you experiment, while fighting, try observing how the bullet will damage the enemy, it was brutally clear and realistic, blood shot out, and the enemy was in pain. It is these details that make the player feel the toughness of the battlefield that I am attending. The more difficult it is, the more likely it is for gamers to become more excited, more damage, and make gamers more thirsty.

Pressure space

A shooter requires players to be prepared to use all their senses to achieve maximum combat efficiency. Manual manipulations, subtle observations are the main factor. However, to become a player who can overwhelm the opponent, it is necessary to pay attention to the sound. What should the enemy come from behind his back without observing? Just need to hide out of the cover where there are rain bullets covered on the head, how to react? Going in the fog, the darkness knows which way to defend? It all depends on how you hear the opponent’s sound. All your moves and opponents create certain noises. The game is designed so subtly that you can dimly guess the enemy’s distance and position by listening. Gunfire, people screaming and every language to make the player feel an invisible pressure is weighing on the battle. The harmonization of images and sounds takes players to perfection in gameplay.


Everyone knows “Six-Guns: Gang Showdown” is a game that requires players to play a lot about gaming techniques. But that is not enough; players must have a good observation. With a third perspective, players get a little advantage if they can cover the situation regularly. However, it still has the customization to retain the specialties of this series. Your view will be through-the-shoulder, so it’s not too different from the first. The most exciting thing is that you can observe your character more carefully. It’s like you buy them a beautiful set of custom sets without looking at it. A world full of cowboys, bandits, and even supernatural creatures gives you a chaotic experience. The only order to be followed in this world is violence. The more assertive you are, the faster and more powerful, the longer you will survive in the world.

The fascinating story

Buck Crosshaw is an outlaw hero, and he maintains justice in his way. Those who have done evil work have never escaped his gun. He never killed anyone who didn’t deserve a cruel death. But this approach has affected many different forces; they do not want to operate such a harsh justice. New money and power are what these greedy people wish to. Therefore, Buck Crosshaw was hunted to Arizona by many organizations and forced to die, not to disturb their world anymore. But he escaped that threat. Unfortunately, the challenge is waiting for him to be far eviler. This time, our cowboy has to face unnatural forces. They are monsters, do not follow the rules of life, and take actions to break the laws of physics. Can a man escape the pursuit of so many dangers? The hills of this dangerous land are always waiting for those most courageous people. Arizona and Oregon are two places you will hear throughout your game. Everything is perfectly simulated. Players will adventure and explore new lands, where the people are afraid. But they are wonderful. On the contrary, don’t let this wild and charismatic appearance fool you, villagers, vampires, and werewolves are hiding somewhere.

Incredibly challenging

With more than 40 missions designed throughout the game, “Six-Guns: Gang Showdown” leads his players to a lot of unprecedented challenges in other games. You will have to go through different difficulties before reaching the final glory. Horse racing, lowering bandits, fighting a series of enemies and many more incidents that require players to be alert in all situations. These missions always have rewarding rewards, capturing players to trade their lives to play with them.

Diverse combat tools

With the role of a cowboy, players will be exposed to a lot of dangers. So being able to own useful items can help you in many different situations. Quickly unlock for me all eight different horses, 19 types of weapons and countless costumes, ammunition, … They will probably have to be changed depending on the changed circumstances. Your opponents are not ordinary people so never be too confident in what you carry on you. Customization is sometimes more useful than a weapon with potent firepower. For example, meeting a vampire cannot shoot them with regular guns. Only pistols, using specially made silver bullets, were able to defeat them.

  • Always play offline, turn off the internet before entering the game
  • To avoid license errors, please download the official version from Google Play, after downloading process is about a few percents, please cancel and install our APK, OBB file
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