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Launched in the late 19th century, it has been around for 150 years, football has become the most popular sport in the world. No matter where you are in the world, regardless of race, religion, party, rich or poor; football is a sport that is known by almost everyone. Because this sport is so popular, there are many football tournaments around the world. Nowadays this sport has become more developed than ever. Those who are truly passionate will choose to lead themselves on the path to becoming a player or a professional coach. There are others who choose to become fans of famous players and teams. Foreseeing this, many developers have released video games with a football motif to satisfy the needs of a part of the fans such as FIFA Series, PES Series, … And PACYBITS FUT 20 is one of them.

FUT 20 Draft, Packs, Builder

PACYBITS FUT 20 is a football game and a card game on the mobile platform. This is the latest version of the PACYBITS FUT 20 game series to date. You will play as a coach for your football team. Both players in the game will be displayed as cards for you to collect. The game currently supports up to 3856 different cards including many players from around the world. That’s a huge number for a card game. Those players can both be famous current players, cards can both be legendary players retired a long time ago. It is worth mentioning that the number of 3856 will not stop there but will continue to increase in the near future.

Each card symbolizing each player carries different characteristic indicators. Among them will be 3 main indicators that are Attack, Control, and Defense. In addition, there are other indicators such as the ability to shoot, pass the ball, … These indicators will serve two different game modes.

New modes and innovative features than ever before!

The first game mode is a soccer simulation. The car game gives you the freedom to create your own custom squad of players that the game has randomly assigned. Just like a regular soccer match, there will be 11 players going to the game and a number of other substitutes. Pay close attention to the position of your squad, for example, you should not let a goalkeeper play as a midfielder, or put defenders on the front line of the squad. There are also other factors that will affect the match, such as your home country, the club, etc. If your players are all going to the same country or the same club then they will play the ball more satisfied, your win rate will be higher. There are two different types of matches for this mode: round and tournament. Each match will be a display simulator showing the situations in the match, including the loss and goals. The higher your rank, the more bonus you will get. You can use these bonuses to buy card combos. Each card combo you buy, you can unlock up to 9 different cards, you will use these cards for the second game mode of the game.

First AI appearance

The second mode is that you will play in the style of a real card game. With the cards that you have, you will set up a squad as well as when you eat you create a formation for simulation mode. However, instead of being bound by random cards and games provided to you, you will be completely free to choose any player for any position that means you own the card. that player’s card. The mode of play of this mode will follow the same mechanism as the rock-paper-scissor. As mentioned above, each player will bring three indicators that are Attack, Control, and Defense. When your opponent chooses Defense, you must choose a player with a higher Attack stat and vice versa. For Control, you only need the player to have the Control but higher than the opponent.

The game possesses good graphics and a very eye-catching interface, reminding some of the players to look at FIFA games. Along with a huge amount of Cards, PACYBITS FUT 20 is well deserved to be recognized as one of the best card games available today. Not only stop at the game mode to play with the machine, but you can also challenge many other players around the world through the online play feature. Overall, if you are a longtime fan of football, this is a game not to be missed for you.

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