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Probably the game about Mario’s journey is no longer too strange to the gaming community in the world. Launched very early, the character games released by Nintendo have become the childhood of many people because of the entertainment and the high attraction that it brings. The good news for you is that the publisher of this game is taking the final steps for the launch of the Mario game series on phones after Super Mario Run and Dr. Mario World. Players will no longer have to wait too long to meet this lovely character and his journeys. So what’s the return of this Mario Kart Tour to bring something new to the previous versions?

New graphics with unique designs

In terms of design, previous versions of this famous game have conquered many players because of the beautiful graphics, bright colors and smooth character movement. With this re-release, Nintendo has shown us a graphical investment when it comes to bringing out the tiniest details. In the game, our character will have an interesting journey around the world. Mario and his opponents will have to overcome challenges and compete fiercely along the way. This version of the game will also inherit the advantages of the previous series and add more attractive features. On the track, we will have to overcome many types of terrain as well as passing many beautiful scenes around the world. Special destinations will be featured on the journey and can be rotated within 2 weeks. This game deserves to be a game about the race of mascots that you have to experience. Mario Kart Tour offers a variety of character creation options for players. In general, all the given characters are pleasing to the player because of their beauty. Because the game aims to be bright, youthful, the images of adorable, colorful mascots are also fully exploited. What are you waiting for without choosing a character, get in the car and start your race right away?

The task of improving the competitiveness of players.

From the starting line, players are completely conquered by the experience of the speed of the track. Smooth experience, even car collisions are a big plus for the game. Your task is to overcome opponents, gain experience and power up to become the winner on the track. You can also create collisions with opponents to hinder their speed. But remember to think and calculate the collision angle carefully because it can create thrust for the opponent to go faster and go further. Therefore, it is necessary to consider only to benefit yourself after the collision. “Mario Kart Tour” was very clever in turning a chaotic race track into a new and exciting feeling. Many players have confessed that they feel excited after such collisions. This game has been very successful at cleverly putting out old ideas and combining them into a new thing. Moreover, the construction of the image is bright, there is no violence so this game is also suitable for children because of its entertainment.

The sound system is vivid, full of emotion

In addition, it is impossible not to mention a small contribution to the success of the game which is the sound system. Obviously, these pieces have played a big role in building the feeling and excitement for the player. Players will clearly feel the tension on the track as well as the pride of winning thanks to the support of the audio system.

To develop this game on mobile platforms, players can use one hand to control the character on the go. In addition, players can easily earn items as well as dealing with obnoxious roadblocks. Players of “Mario Kart Tour” should use the new extremely prominent features such as access to the arsenal to strengthen the character as well as destroy all enemies. The game allows players to use support features to increase competition and protect characters. More specifically, players can activate Frenzy mode to make you an unbeatable. However, keep in mind that this mode has a time limit. So, calculate to make the most of the power to surpass the opponent. Whether Mario’s journey is easy to succeed or not is due to the quickness of the player. In addition, earn as many Grand Stars to earn as many darts and gliders as that will support the player to be able to reach the destination of the journey. In addition, these valuable badges can also be earned when players participate in a number of additional challenges. So be proud to display the badges you earn by your side as a gift for your enduring effort.

Take additional courses

Like most popular titles, this game also enhances the competition and interactivity between the players when you can compare your rankings with your friends playing around the world. Opening tournaments, competing directly with friends can be the key to help this game achieve more success and increase popularity. However, when members play together, it is difficult for them to interact and exchange information. Is this something that Nintendo needs to fix in order to develop? What is your mission right now? Keep practicing and try to get to the finish of the game. In addition, players can also share their videos on the YouTube platform to collect more interactions. A small note that you are required to have a Nintendo account to be able to experience this game offline.

Mario character games seem to have become a classic in the hearts of so many people because of the value it brings. And this time, too, this game has completely conquered the followers of the Mario family because of the new and attractive features that this series brings. This comeback has satisfied fans who are always waiting for Nintendo to release new games because they believe in the quality of this manufacturer. So attractive and playful, why don’t you choose “Mario Kart Tour” to become a pocket game of your own to relax after a hard-working day? The fun, lovely will make you forget the fatigue. Now, what are you waiting for, get in your car and explore a new, colorful world?

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