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    October 9, 2019 at 2:57 am
MOD Info
  • Free craft and construction
  • All crafting recipes available (regardless of character level)
  • Infinite skill points (you can spend them minus)
  • Instant walking on a global map
  • All events are open on the global map.
  • Duplication of items (divide any item to get more – it works even with single things)
  • Eating as much as possible satisfies hunger and thirst.

Last Day on Earth: Survival is an RPG developed by Kefir Games, a company that specializes in role-playing and fighting games. The game is currently in beta version v1.14.4 and is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The game gains 4.5/5 points with over 3 million reviews and over 50 million downloads.


Last Day on Earth: Survival shooting game is set in a post-apocalyptic world. In 2027, the world must witness an explosion of a new infectious disease. That disaster spread quickly and eradicated, destroying almost the humankind. Not stopping there, all the people who died from this epidemic began to turn into zombies and infect others with no reason. Only a few people with high resistance have not been infected, they are trying to survive on the ruins of the world. Survivors must monitor indicators such as hunger and thirst to sustain their lives. They must collect valuable resources to create weapons. All to serve the institute to destroy countless zombies that are wandering out there. The survivors must defeat those who invade their lands not only with strength but also with their own cunning. They must build a powerful stronghold or raid other surviving territories to seize loot and rare resources. After all, everyone can do anything to survive.

The huge sets of weaponry

Last Day on Earth: Survival has a diverse set of equipment including armor, weapons, food, transportation, and a number of other tools. Armor is an item that players can equip to reduce damage when took hits from enemies. It can be obtained by crafting or picking up in-game items. You cannot stack armor, its effect only works when placed on appropriate body parts such as the head, body, and legs. When equipped, each suit will change the player’s appearance. Thick clothing made from fur helps protect against the cold in winter locations. Weapons are items that players can use to damage and destroy the creatures in the game.

Like armor, weapons cannot be stacked in one location, but players can equip the same weapon on both locations. When being used too hard, weapons will lose durability and need to be fixed. Some of the most used weapons are Spear, Hatchet, Iron Hatchet, etc will bring significant useful features for all circumstances. Food items are the kind of object that used to restore HP, demand hunger, thirst, or a versatile use of all three. They can be collected directly from the environment or made at the workshops. Common foods are Roasted Turkey, Carrot Stew, Jerky, … Transportation is a specialized item that can increase the speed of movement and unlock new locations on the map. The vehicles that can be used in the game are Chopper, ATV, Zombie Truck. Alternatively, you can also be equipped with tools such as crude fiber Hammer, Crowbar …


Last Day on Earth Survival has 117 items available designed so that you can adjust freely. Furniture items that players can place, move or pick up in Base Builder. The furniture is mostly made but can sometimes be picked up from AI Survivors. Workstations are furniture used to convert materials into items according to the available formulas. You can modify your weapons to increase the attributes for melee weapons or guns due to material availability since Beta v1.14.4. There are some designs that will not work in the game.


You will be born on a small land, which will serve as your base. Initially, you have a selection of basic resources like stone, wood, berries, a few iron mines, and zombies wander around. You will see your water has dropped quite quickly, but don’t worry about it. It is the most popular element that able to find out every time you need it. Nevertheless, your first goal is to survive and collect food in order to fight against hunger. After that, you will have to expand the area to be able to place useful buildings such as campfires, furnaces, … First, you take some pine trees and rocks from the ground to create an ax. If you are attacked by zombies or wolves, don’t panic, you can easily kill anything you see on the map with an ax. If you take too much damage, pick some berries, they will be your main source of healing. You will find an abandoned car containing some scrap inside. You can use it as a container when the body is overloaded. You can take the ax inside the car to deal more damage, but note that weapons and armor will lose durability after used. Keep collecting more resources, creating other tools to kill the zombies.


As an open-world survival game, you can claim this game has excellent graphics like Dead by Daylight. Moreover, what we see is a dark 3D graphics built on the best and most popular Unreal Engine 4 platform right now. Details such as plants, items, and creatures are drawn in detail, making it possible for the player to know everything happens around them. With that, even though it is a survival game, it is not as dark as you think. The publisher has carefully calculated the colors and costumes of the characters to help players have the best experience. The sound in the game only repeats scary background music, it creates a sense of tension, suspense. This can help players get more into the game. You must survive, right? Be alert and make the most accurate choices.


Although debuted for 3 years, but the appeal of the Last Day on Earth: Survival has never diminished. Publishers always know how to retain players by updating events and attractive gifts. Each update is a newly published area. Players will gather there a lot. Therefore, you need to be faster to be able to search for gifts first.

All download links for Last Day on Earth: Survival
Download Last Day on Earth: Survival
V1.14.4 (Original)
Download Last Day on Earth: Survival
V1.14.4 (MOD, Free Craft)
Download Last Day on Earth: Survival
V1.14.4 (MOD, Free Craft/No Event)
Download Last Day on Earth: Survival
V1.14.4 (Unzip to "Android/obb")

Installation Instructions
  • Download both APK & OBB files
  • Extract OBB to the ‘Android/obb’ path.
  • The correct path is ‘Android/obb/zombie.survival.craft.z
    Install the apk file and enjoy
  • ** Since 2nd install (from our website, you only need to install the apk file to overwrite the old version). This will not lose your process
  • Coin mod is no longer possible!
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