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One should always prepare them before attending an interview. Personal Interview is mostly the last round of an interview. An interview is where one should project all the talent and make sure that an interviewer is impressed. There are few things that one should keep in mind before attending an interview.

There are numbers of kinds of interview. Personal interview is one of the most popular types of interview.
The candidate should be well dressed. It is always better to wear a formal dress or a semi formal dress while attending an interview. Casual dressing should be avoided as it might raise a doubt in credibility and temperament of a person in the mind of the interviewer.

The candidate should necessarily learn the nature of the job and credibility of the employer for which he is going to attend an interview by any reliable source and also be aware of the expectations of the employer.

The candidate should be having a well prepared resume, as resume is the one which is going to reflect the capabilities and the limitations and the skill sets of a candidate. One should also ensure that the details mentioned on the resume are all his/her area of interest and they should be answer any question based on the information given in the resume.

For any interview like navy, air force or army the basically look out for a person with a great attitude and good physical fitness, the mindset of a person attending all these kind of interviews should be service motivated whereas for any other interview is basically to know how to sell yourself in the market.
So it is always important for a person to be well dressed and to show good temperament and to possess a good resume and a crystal clear knowledge before attending an interview.

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