How To Create An Application-Guide For Beginners

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We are living in a society where smartphones are at arm’s reach almost all the time. And there is no secret World has gone mobile. From small business to heavy industrialist including E-commerce stores, brands, fitness instructors and religious guidelines etc, every single person has its own applications. It might not be wrong in saying that potential use of mobile apps are seemingly endless.

Whether you have to develop an application for small business or to beat the biggest companies, guide is there for you. Read them thoroughly and you will be at the next step of developing your own mobile app.

For creating your own application, you need to understand a step-by-step guide. We will describe you each and every step and hope that you can get guidance.

Make and Sketch your Idea

The best and the most intellectual thing before making any kind of app is its basic idea. Look, if you do not have any idea that what kind of app you are going to make then what would be the end result. The best plan to follow should be take a pen and a paper. Make rough sketches about the ideas you own and then slowly and steadily try to implement, if possible.

Try to make different points like Must Haves features or Nice To Haves. Make sure to create an application that can match and suit your must have features as well. If Nice To Have cam be embedded then well then good.

Do not hesitate on sketching more than one idea. Because after every flop idea there is something special waiting for you. So, do not lose hope at once. Repetitive thinking will help you achieve your goals.

While developing any app, always think of creating the simplest version. Do not puddle for the latest versions all at once. These may decrease users interest.

Take your time, as much as you want to give in making your idea. Because a perfect idea can make your app look fit.

Do Market Research

Market research is an important step that you should not miss. It would consume a lot of your time but will also help in having minimal flaws in your app. With market research, you can analyze your competitor. You can also minimize the flaws that they have in their application. Doing a market research before app development saves you from making various mistakes.

On the basis of your research, you can help solve the problems that users are facing. That would prove a positive step for you.

With market research

  • You can find out what mistakes are done by your competitor, so you can easily avoid such mistakes.
  • Secondly, you can also figure out if people are in search of this app or not.

Create Mockups of your app

Mockup is basically the rough sketch of your application layout, user interference (UI) and flow. Do not hesitate in creating mockups. It will definitely take time of about 1-2 weeks but will prove very beneficial for you. Mockup helps you to fix UI/UX problems early.

If you are making an app for some one then mockups will help you to define your layout and structure. A good mockup should clearly describe user interface and flow.

Make Graphic Design of your app

Graphic designs gives your application the visual representation. And there will be no compromise on visual representation. Spend money on hiring professional graphic designer. You can hire a professional from Upwork or fiverr.

If you yourself are doing this job then go with the paid software. Copyright software would harm you in many ways. Using someone else’s property is forbidden. You can use tools like Photoshop, Sketch and Affinity Designer to create the graphic design of your application.

Build your app Landing Page

As an app developer, you should create connection between you and your customer. This is only possible while creating your landing page.

Your page should include following components.

  • Headline at the top.
  • Introductory paragraph Or explainer video.
  • An app screenshot or iPhone mockup.
  • A call to action i.e sign up or install the app.
  • App features and benefits.
  • Add something in About Us section.

Make the app with Xcode and Swift

Now we are finally about to make the app. You can divide app development into two categories:

  1. Front-end: This is the part of the app you can see. It includes layout, navigation, graphics, user interaction, animation and data processing.
  2. Back-end: This is the part of the app you can’t see. It includes databases, networking, data storage, and user management.

You can build iOS apps with Xcode and Swift.  The Xcode IDE includes a project manager, code editor, built-in documentation, debugging tools, and Interface Builder, a tool you use to create your app’s user interface.

Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language. And it’s the default programming language to build iOS, macOS, iPadOS, tvOS and watchOS apps. If you’re learning iOS development today, I recommend you learn Swift instead of Objective-C.

Lauch your App in App Store

Now that you have build your app, your next step is to launch your own application in App Store. What you have to do is.

  • Register Yourself for an Apple Developer Account.
  • Prepare your app’s title and meta data with App Store Connect
  • Upload your latest app build to the App Store with Xcode
  • Apple reviews your app, following the App Store Review Guidelines and these will be shown to the people.
  • When your app is approved, it’s published live in the App Store. People can download and install anytime they want and can give their precious reviews.



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