How to create a Zoom Meeting

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One of the top leading video conference application is none other than Zoom itself. If you are at work place far or away from your client, and have to connect with him/her then you need to set up a Zoom Meeting. Creating Zoom Meeting it not much tricky. Only you need to follow simple steps to get started.

It is believed that zoom has gotten its popularity because of COVID due to online classes, meetings, interviews sessions. But the fact is, it was as popular as it is now a days. For creating a zoom meeting you need to know few things that you will let know after exploring our blog.

How to download Zoom?

If you are just joining the zoom meeting then you don’t need to install the zoom software. But if you are hosting a meeting then you definitely need to install it. For downloading, open the official zoom website and then click on the Download Button right under the button Zoom Client for Meetings.

After downloading, run the software to get installed. Once installation is complete it will automatically start working. Now you can set up zoom meetings.

Sign In

After you are done downloading zoom software now you need to go to official zoom site and then sign in there.

How to set up a Zoom Meeting?

Once you sign in and run the software, you will see different icons on a screen. On the top left side, select the icon having orange color named “New Meeting”.

After you are done selecting this option, you will he now in a virtual conference room. At the very bottom of that page on the left side you will see different options. Just select Invite button


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