How to create a Youtube Channel- Beginner’s  Guide

YouTube is one of the stand out platform where billions of people are connected for different sources. Source includes Entertainment, business or job. YouTube is a Google owned platform with above billion searches every single day. This one is best suited to everyone because of its popularity.

YouTube us a competitive platform for the sake of money. Try using different content for views is very tough. Every other day you have to use your creativity to impress your audience. And that is very very difficult.

You must be surprised to know that only 9% of small business in U.S is linked to YouTube. Though it is a huge platform for earnings and requires a lot of your time and creativity. That might be the reason of limited usage for business.

What is YouTube?

As you are all aware that YouTube Apk is social based networking and earning platform owned by Google itself. Here you can create your own channel. After creating your channel, you can post your own content not copyrighted.

You can also post copyrighted content in your videos but that would result in demonization of your account. It means that YouTube won’t pay your because of those videos. As they were not your property and you were using it without owners consent.

YouTube job is really tough because every single day you have to create different content to appeal your audience and if you succeeded in doing so then you would earn a lot from it.

After creating your channel and posting videos on it you can complete condition steps for monetization. These conditions includes subscribers and watch time. After you have completed your subscribers and watch time now, you can apply for your channel to get monetized. Once its monetized, you will start earning.

You can also Create your Gmail ID for making a YouTube Channel.

How to Create a YouTube Channel?

Creating a YouTube Channel is not as difficult as it seems. There are few steps that you should look for before cresting a YouTube channel. You can get a complete guide here for creating your own channel. Lets get started.

  • Go to YouTube and sign in

Open, click on sign in button on top right corner of the bar. Then login using your Gmail you want to be associated with your Google accounts.

  • Move towards YouTube Settings

Now on the top right corner of your screen click on profile icon and then on Create a Channel.

  • Create your Channel

Now you will be given two options. One will be for creating your personal account while other will be for your business. These options will be named as use you name or use your custom name. After selecting your account type, you are done creating your channel.

Note: You can create multiple channels using the same Gmail ID. That can be used for various purposes.

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