How to create a Gmail ID- Step Wise for Beginners

Gmail is extremely popular an email service offered by Google itself. Crating a Google Account is mandatory now a days for enjoying any web service not in terms of features but because of 15GB free storage to every consumer. This tremendous storage system has reduced a lot of stress in order to save useful information.

If you are out of space then start again by creating another Gmail account. You will be provided with an additional storage capacity. Google accounts are now being used for businesses also. There was a time when these accounts were used for sending and receiving documents only. Now many local, small and heavy businesses rely on Gmail ID.

A Question arise.

How to create a Gmail ID?

And the answer is simple. We are here to elaborate step wise go create your own Gmail ID. Follow simple steps given below and you will be done creating your Gmail ID.

Sign Up into Google Accounts

Firstly, you need to sign up into Google accounts by opening the official website.

Enter your Name, Address and Password

Next step is to provide some information by filling specific boxes. Firstly, you will have to give your desired username, address and password. Choose a strong password. Now, you can name your Gmail accordingly. A suggestion regarding your mail to be would be given to you.

It is totally your choice to go with the suggestion or suggest yourself with your own ideas. Sometimes, your desired Gmail address is not available because of usual names or may be of other reason. Try naming according to your profession or personal needs. Do not name your accounts with the information that might be used by some others specially cyber crimes. That would literally harm you.

Note: If you name like “carry.grey” or “car.rygrey” then hour email address shown to you would be “[email protected]”. The point here is do not waste your precious time in such activity.

Fill Personal Information

These requires you to fill your date of birth in the specific fields of month, day and year. Now next portion to be filled is a Gender option. Select Male or Female. If you do not want to be identified by a gender then go with the option Rather Not Say. Select your country flag if it is not accurately filled there.

Type in your current email address and choose your location from drop down menu.

Now these two boxes are optional. Provide your phone number and recovery mail address. It would be beneficial for you someday if you fill out such fields. It will help you in prevention future lockouts.

You may also get a prompt to use your phone number instead of an address. If you do not want to enjoy such options then simply click the skip button.

Privacy and Terms Section

Now complete some last procedures regarding privacy and terms. These are the options that users generally glide down without putting an eye on it. It is not necessary to read them out but its good if you read it.

After clicking I agree to the terms and conditions, you would be asked to verify your account. You will get an SMS code on a phone number that you have provided there and then fill that code required fields.

Now you are done creating your Gmail Address. Hope that this step-by-step guide will help you in creating your Gmail ID. For further queries, comment down below. Your precious views will be appreciated.


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