How to Create a GIG on Fiverr

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Fiverr Basically is a digital tool which connect two parties (eg, Seller and Buyer). Fiverr provide a freelancing services that is totally free to use either you are a buyer or a seller. In Fiverr there is two parties. One is a seller which can provide his services worldwide, and the other one is Buyer, which can Buy the services of Seller. You have to create a profile named as gig to enjoy such services.

How does Fiverr Works?

Fiverr is digital platform that is going more popular day by day. Fiverr directly connect the two parties seller and buyer with each other. You can sell here any kind of services that is social media tools, web Designing, Marketing and engineering related things, SEO services etc.

After creating your profile you can search for your relative content. You will be shown with the list of top sellers. If you are there to enjoy such services then you can search for the service you want to enjoy. Top rated seller list will be shown to you. After reading their profile and satisfying yourself, you can order any service you want.

But, if you are there as a seller, the create your own gig, provide suitable information there with briefly explained your provided services. Once ranked you can get orders and earn money.

How to create a Gig on Fiverr?

Creating a Gig on Fiverr is no longer difficult. You have to follow the instructions and then you are done making your gig. We will describe here few simple steps fir creating your gig on five. Follow these steps and your gig will be created.

Select your niche and services

Before creating a gig on fiverr, let yourself recognize your skills in hands and then make decision. After you revongnized, its time to earn money from that. If you are an expert in graphic designing, then you should start your services that should come under such category.

Or if you have experties in SEO, then go with that. Selection is the main key to your success on fiverr. How can you earn money if you have chosen the wrong field. So, wisely select your skills for money.

Create a Gig

You are a buyer by default when you sign up fiverr. So you should select seller before creating any gig. You can create your gig by clicking on the gig option and then on Create New Gig.

Write Overview

It is basically a gig description. You will find various options here. Keep on filling them step by step.

  • Title

Title should be up to 80 characters long. Try to make catchy title in order to stand your gig among competitors.

  • Select category and subcategory

This option will be automatically given for filling depending upon the title you had filled. So, choose category nd subcategory wisely.

  • Enter Tags

Enter up to 5 tags and then Save the information and click on Continue.

Set Pricing and Packaging

Now comes the main page where you have to decide the pricing of the package you are offering. Fiverr allows you to offer three packages. These are named as

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Premium

Now, fill the whole form correctly by proving each information mentioned. Here you have to briefly describe your package. Name it accordingly. You can also select the number of revisions, delivery time etc there.

Make Extra Gig

Fiver allows you to make extra gigs for different services you can offer. After filling the whole form, you can Continue.

Add Description

Now comes the option of your own description. Here you can thoroughly define yourself and your Gig. Provide the information about your Name, degree, experience or anything you want to share. You can also fill the option named Frequently asked questions.

Build Image gallery of your  Gig

Provide attractive image of your gig. You can also provide numerous videos there to make your gig more appealing.

Publish the Gig

Now last step is to publish your Gig. Once it is published, buyers can purchase services from you.

Final Verdict

Fiverr is one of the best money proving platform. Millions of youngsters are earing through this. You can also earn from home by providing services according to your knowledge. Create your gig by the above mentioned steps and there you go with your gig creation.



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