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We all are no stranger to the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas this is a very famous game before. The game is available on platforms like PC, Console … and receives a lot of love from players. The game has also had remarkable achievements such as high sales on all platforms, becoming the best-selling game ever on the PlayStation 2. We cannot deny the attraction of this game can be had, some people even spend hours playing it on PC or Console systems every day. Now the game has been released on the mobile platform in late 2013 to cater to the needs of players. You will not need to spend hours sitting in front of the screen to perform the game’s tasks anymore.

One of the best role-playing action games

All you need now is a smartphone and you can download the game right away and enjoy it anytime, anywhere. Briefly speaking about the game, the game belongs to the role-playing action genre, played in an open world for players to explore freely. Following the success of the seniors that debuted on the mobile platform are GTA: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: III, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown. The publisher of the game, Rockstar, once said that this would be the best of all versions of Grand Theft Auto, with great upgrades that have never been seen before. The game promises to bring players great entertainment moments along with spectacular action scenes. Players will not regret it at all when downloading the game to experience.

The plot is dark

After years of working in the criminal world, doing illegal jobs, Carl Johnson decided to give up everything to get his life back. He decided to leave his gang in Los Santos and go to Liberty City to fulfill his dream. He had given up the days of bloody killing and had a dream of becoming an honest citizen to become a rich man. But his life was not as desired, no one allowed him to realize his dreams. In 1992, Carl Johnson – CJ received a phone call from his brother Sweet to inform that their mother had been murdered in the gangsters’ settlement. And so life pushes him back to the path of crime, the path he has long wanted to throw away. When he arrived home to attend his mother’s funeral, he was stopped by two corrupt police officers, Frank Tenpenny and Edward “Eddie” Pulaski, to threaten him.

They said they would accuse him of murdering a police officer – the person they just killed if he refused to cooperate with them in illegal missions. He decided to regroup his former gang members and return to the gang battle. He decided to turn his gang into the leader of the city and find the killer of his mother. So can Carl achieve his ambition and find the culprit? All are in the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Shooting, racing, sex… and more

The game has a gameplay that does not change anything compared to previous versions, all revolving around three main activities: Shooting, Racing, and Discovery. Players will experience them extremely honestly within the game. All players need to do is combine all three elements to perform the tasks in the game. At the beginning of the game, the player only owns a bicycle to move. Players can also steal any car they like on the road and so they have become their means of transportation.

The game has a lot of violent elements and is labeled 18+, players can beat, shoot, burn … anyone on the road. So you need to make sure you are old enough to play games. But it is undeniable that the nature of violence is the most popular game of the game. The game also has a lot of side activities like learning martial arts, cutting hair, tattoos, racing … for players to explore freely. To control the player character, use the navigation key located on the left of the play screen. There will be a button on the right side to use to fight or shoot guns at rival gangs. Players can choose between two things that are doing the tasks given to learn the story of the game. Or players can delight in exploring the beautiful Liberty City, in this city there are many interesting things for players to explore. Once the player has completed a certain number of tasks, they will be able to unlock cool things like Garage, Gym …


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been upgraded a lot compared to with previous versions so there will be many cool features.


This is an improved feature compared to its seniors. This is the first game in the “Grand Theft Auto” series that characters can swim. It would be ridiculous for a mafia to carry out illegal missions when drowning in the water, right? That will not happen in this game because Carl Johnson has now been created by the game’s creative team with the ability to swim.

Cloud Storage

In the game will be arranged checkpoints to lay when the player reaches that landmark, the game will be automatically saved right at that time. Or players can Save Games manually to save the whole process of their play. This will help avoid long-term gaming when you have to log in again to start over.


A gangster-themed game must have great weapons to bombard the enemy. In the game, there are countless different weapons such as heavy machine guns such as Gatling Gun, long-range sniper rifles, flamethrowers to burn enemies … In addition, there are also melee weapons for players who like to fight close to the enemy.


One of the games with the most beautiful graphical configuration at the time, the game has a realistic 3D graphics format. Every small detail such as leaves, roadside plants, waves … is all made by the manufacturer very carefully. Although the game’s map is very wide, every detail, even the smallest, has been made extremely well to give players a great experience.

Effects, music tracks

The biggest change in effects in this version is the shadow effect, they have been remade to look a lot more realistic. In addition, other effects such as spark effects, gore effects … all are carefully invested to be as perfect as possible. The sound of the game is great, this is one of the strong points of this game. Players will hear the music of the 90s. Other sounds like gunfire, wind blowing … are also integrated perfectly. So do you want to transform into the famous gangster guy Carl Johnson? Download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to having interesting adventures with him.

All download links for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
V1.08 (For Android <7.0)
Download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
V2.00 (For Android >7.0)
Download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
V2.00 (Unzip to "Android/obb")
Download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
V1.08->2.00 (Unzip to "Android/data")

Installation Instructions
  1. Download APK, OBB and DATA File
  2. Unzip OBB to “Android/obb” patch (Android/obb/com.rockstargames.gtasa)
  3. Unzip DATA to “Android/data” patch (Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa)
  4. Install APK and enjoy MOD
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