Grand Theft Auto 5

Whether a true gamer or just a casual gaming experience, anyone who has read this article has heard the series of Grand Theft Auto series from home. publishes the hugely popular game Rockstar Games. The names of the games in this series all stem from Grand Theft Auto – a phrase that refers to car theft. Over the decades of entertainment game production, the Grand Theft Auto series of games has grown to five parts, not to mention the sub-versions of this series developed specifically for machine platforms. like PSP, PS2, … (GTA Liberty City Stories, GTA Chinatown Wars, …). The latest series of games that have brought great success to Rockstar Games both in terms of image and content is Grand Theft Auto V.

Things impressed strongly

Dubbed as the “Best of the year” game at the end of 2013, “GTA V” attracts players by realistic actions with a somewhat violent, engaging, engaging story. with the ability to interact with characters and objects extremely high and true. Textures and 3D models are of higher quality, and the details of the weather, damage of vehicles and scenes in the game are much improved compared to previous versions. Besides, the number of pedestrians, traffic density, weapons systems, vehicles and the ability to customize characters are increasing, making the game more alive than ever.

Normally for a role-playing game, the limit of the game only allows you to choose the gender and control only one character, but in this “Grand Theft Auto V” offline mode you can use and switch all 3 characters on the same map. Consequently, there was a huge investment in the plot for all three characters, “Rockstar” spent a lot of time creating content, even the majority of the plot in the game was taken from external events in real life.

And in online – multiplayer mode, you can customize the ethnicity, style, identity characteristics and more. If someone, after playing the game “Grand Theft Auto V” and denied the authenticity, is not high, believe me, up to now, no game or game company dare to claim their game well. than GTA V.

So far, the fifth installment of the series has earned “Rockstar” an enormous amount of profits of $ 6 billion, and $1 billion of which has been earned within 3 days, while the game cost is only in the range of 265 million USD. That helped GTA V become the most bloody game in the gaming world while breaking many world records including The game series with the most guest actors; The game has the most voiceover characters; the most abundant music; and the most successful product of all time. Initially, “GTA V” was developed on Xbox, PS3, PS4, and PC platforms as the final expansion and improved over the original version thanks to the updated versions and the system mode available on the internet.

The detailed realistic vision of the game

Launched in 2013, the minimum configuration required by “Grand Theft Auto V” is still high compared to the common level that users in the least developed countries can afford. payable. However, in exchange for a highly configurable machine, the game gives you an experience of an open world full of details, visuals and overwhelming. Details such as shadows, smoke effects, lighting effects, 3-dimensional details of the object as well as the reflection effect in the game are all sophisticatedly and meticulously provided by “Rockstar” to look like as real and vivid as possible. Not to mention for players who can afford a gaming machine, the high-end graphics effects for the game that is popular in the market are even more shocking when creating a more splendid and majestic virtual world. in real life. In addition, the damage details in “Grand Theft Auto V” have all been improved compared to previous versions. Specifically, the rust marks scratch on the car when you control the vehicle and collide with objects or to blood streaks, character wounds, … are drawn by employees of “Rockstar” faithfully in many respects to obey basic laws of physics in the game. Next is a factor that plays an extremely important role and also the factor that makes this game occupy a large amount of memory which is an extremely large map.

The main municipality of GTA V – Los Santos and its diverse surroundings include mountains, deserts, cliffs, fields, valleys, military bases and even coastal areas of the city. Streets with underground canyons and reefs are the largest world ever created by the developer Rockstar. In addition, Grand Theft Auto V is also a milestone in the development of the game company when adding some unprecedented complex details such as the system of creatures (dogs, dogs, cats, wolves, deer, rabbits, etc.), although these animals do not really have much effect in the game, they still play a part in the success of “GTA V”. Besides, the vehicles in the game have also been improved in both quantity and type, the game is not limited to expensive supercars, scooters as well as off-road vehicles that have been invested by “Rockstar” richer on the ability to upgrade. Even weaponry in the game has been significantly improved, unlike its predecessors, “Grand Theft Auto V” which both allows you to buy guns and allows you to lift accessories and colors through updates regularly.

The story and gameplay influence each other

Despite having been on the market for many years, not really many games have maintained the same style as “Grand Theft Auto V”. With an intriguing plot that does not separate a genre but it includes action, adventure, driving, role-playing, and secret action, “GTA V” will take you into the context of a sinful underworld. error and it will not be difficult to encounter violent scenes. The content will revolve around three completely different characters: Michael – a former bank robber member on the east bank, currently in the witness protection program; Franklin – a young man from a slum who collects cars from the debtor of a local Armenian agent; Trevor – a retired military pilot with a mental disorder, makes Trevor a formidable force that many fear. Each of them represents different social backgrounds, your task is to control one, two or all three characters leading themselves into dangerous missions and with the main purpose of raising the status of the highest character in the Los Santos underworld.

In addition, when not on duty, Grand Theft Auto V still has many other interesting activities that you can try in your spare time, including boating, golfing, racing, playing tennis, … When in multiplayer mode, gamers create their own characters and level up them by completing small missions or challenges including gang wars, racing or skydiving. In addition, the developer “Rockstar” regularly releases updated versions of vehicles and resources that make the game constantly innovating. Because the game has a lot of adult content mixed with violence and no signs of backing down from the publisher, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the Grand Theft Auto series. Specifically, after being released for a short time, players have experienced a mission of torture and sexism. Despite being labeled 18+, there is still a part of teenagers still curious about this game. It can be said that the attraction of Grand Theft Auto V is irresistible, but it is not so that we blame the publisher for the evils surrounding the game. So what do you think?

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