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Fallout Shelter is a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s simple to play and addictive, just like most other games nowadays. Fallout Shelter Mod Apk was first released by Bethesda Game Studios in 2015 for iOS.

But has since been ported over to Android as well so more people can enjoy this fun yet challenging experience based off an upcoming nuclear bomb disaster where humans have survived by hiding from radiation exposure or sheltering themselves inside Vault-Tec Vaults which are essentially homes designed for one purpose: survival during war periods due their ability withstand earthquakes while ensuring safe haven against enemies with high levels defenses including automated turrets at every entranceway, also allowing players plenty time between risks outside should anything happen within.

Fallout Shelter Mod APK

Fallout shelter is a free-to-play, simulation game in which players take on the role of civil defense commissioner and build an underground bunker to protect themselves from nuclear attacks. The graphics are basic but it offers hours upon end fun as you try your best to survive against all odds with only what little resources available.

In this Simulation game, you are tasked with designing an underground vault in order to protect humanity from the chaos above. You must build supplies and resources for your people’s survival so they can live happy lives together as a community without fear or worry about what may happen next.

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A time came where left resources are not possible for survival. While some people move towards outside in search of a better tomorrow, you- the commander at an underground base with your fellow survivors try to provide basic necessities like food and water while also protecting them from disasters as well other mutations that couldpop up without warning suchas monsters! Try expanding by building beautiful structures so we can all live comfortably until someone finds us again or discover another way out from under ground…

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Isn’t it interesting, so what are you waiting for? Download the latest version of fallout shelter Mod APK by clicking the download link below and get 100% guaranteed access to fallout shelter Mod APK.


  1. Best Game by Google Play in 2015.
  2. Golden Joystick Best handheld mobile game in 2015.
  3. Won Mobile game of the year (DICE Awards) in 2016.


1- Graphics

Fallout shelter Mod APK has a design that is eye-catching and simple. Each character looks different from the others with their own individual traits which make them more interesting to look at in my opinion.

2- Sound/music

Background sound is an appealing aspect of the game.

  • It adds immersion and creates a more engaging experience for players who enjoy games with rich background sounds. If you want to make your next project more immersive, try implementing this technique.

3- Customize Base

The player can customize the underground base according to his or her needs. They are fully in control and have all of this space that they need, but there’s one problem: no light! It would be nice if you could make some big rooms so my dwellers don’t feel cramped up any more.

4- Building Labs

Fallout shelter Mod APK has two types of items that can be used to protect your base from being attacked. The first is a “stim pack,” which will heal you or detoxify dwellers, depending on what type it was when crafted by the player, while Radaway helps prevent cockroaches inching their way inside.

5- Rush (Fasten level up)

The fast-forward button is a feature in which you can speed up the game instead of waiting for its completion. It’s like do or die situation, if succeed, then everything goes on well but if fail your base gets Attacked by cockroaches.

6- Engage with Dwellers

Take the time to really engage with your dwellers and see what they need. Assign work that will help them fulfill their needs, which in turn should make life easier for everyone.

7- Exciting customizing option

The player can customize every dweller’s appearance as he/she wishes. One way is by dressing them, giving haircuts and making sure they’re happy with the look you’ve created for him or her.

Advancement of the Underground Base

After basic necessities at what’s your underground base by building radio room for contacting with dwellers scattered all around the surface for resources.

Mod 1

  • Unlimited Water
  • Unlimited Food
  • Unlimited energy.
  • Unlimited caps.
  • Everything increases by spending instead of decreasing.

Mod 2

  • Infinite caps.
  • Rush (Fasten level up).
  • Unlimited water.
  • Unlimited inventory space.
  • Unlimited lunch boxes.
  • Unlimited power.
  • Unlimited stimpacks.
  • Unlimited Redaways.
  • Everything increases instead of decreasing.

How to download Fallout Shelter Mod APK

For downloading follow these instructions.

  • Open our website
  • Click download button
  • The file will start downloading

For Installation, read below-given steps carefully.

  • Go to settings
  • Click on the security/privacy button
  • Allow installation from unknown sources
  • Then move back towards the downloaded file and open it
  • Click on the install button for further progress

How To Install File With an OBB Data?

  • Is the APK you need to install Have Obb and then follow these steps
  • Installing APK with 0BB data
  • Download APK and install (do not open it after installation)
  • Download 0BB and unzips it.
  • Copy that folder com.bethsoft.falloutshelter into / SDCARD/Android/ Obb folder.
  • Now check and open the application
  • Enjoy


This game is recommended for children with 12+ age. The minimum requirement includes cell phone Wi-Fi for downloading the game. The minimum requirement of software for Android is 4.1 and up today.

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Fallout Shelter Mod Reviews

The popularity of this game has earned it various awards, and many people love to play the challenging levels. However there are some who feel that the rules need clarification or more explanation before they can fully enjoy themselves with this app in mind.

What’s new

What would you do in a post-apocalyptic world where the only way of life is survival? Well, for some people this might seem like an impossible task. But with enough creativity and intelligence it can be done! Fallout shelter mod apk offers new features that make your experience better such as unlimited money caps energy fasten level up etc. And provide gamers best gaming system to formulate strategies without worries while playing.
Who are we kidding, nobody really knows what they’ll have if their house gets destroyed by nuclear bombs or aliens from outer space suddenly fall down onto earth instantly killing them all so before its too late start building shelters first then when needed come back here. 

 Final Words

In the game, you can customize your underground base with modified features and communicate with dwellers in order to provide them enough resources. You also have access or protecting yourself from radiation while exploring outside of it too! Enjoy Fallout Shelter Mod APK for more fun today.

General FAQ’s

Can I access fallout shelter offline?

This is an offline game, but you only need Wi-Fi if you want to download it.

Where can I find free stuff/lunchboxes in a fallout shelter?

One of the best ways to get free stuff is to complete a few hunts. Once you have completed hands, you will get stuff like caps, lunch boxes, etc. Most of the time, you will get lunch boxes.

Is this game going to end?

After you have power, food, water, energy, wasteland Explorers, and training rooms, you’re done.

Is it possible for pets to die in a fallout shelter?

In Fallout Shelter apk, pets are domestic animals. Animals are indestructible.

What is the average lifespan of a fallout shelter dweller?

They do not die. The only way they die is if the overseer chooses not to revive them.


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