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    July 19, 2019
Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja is a set of a famous series of novels. The famous period has been adapted into many different games. On the market today, if you search for this name, there will be lots of games adapted and released in Korea. These games have been viral and popular for a long time. But “Dragon Raja” this time is not Korean anymore, but behind it is the big guy in the Chinese market. Tencent will be responsible for releasing this product and ensuring that it works effectively. But this game is Zulong Entertainment’s product and Epic Games deep intervention. These two developers, one, on the other hand, ensure a quality design team and the other provides the most advanced graphics technology available today.

Tencent’s flagship open-world RPG mobile game

With the great power of UE4, the quality of “Dragon Raja” will outperform most games of the same genre. It can be said; you will experience the most real feelings ever. Blockbuster offers exciting battle scenes that can rival the “Perfect World” legend. The launch of this work has received the attention of many gamers. But you can not play this game on the official server but only allowed to register first. Besides, there are a few gamers who have been tested for the Beta version; if you are quick, you can also register an account to log in to this server. But maybe it’s only available for Chinese IDs, so players around the world will have to wait a little longer for the official version. During this time, it is only in the testing period; everything is in the finishing process. The game is released by Tencent so shortly there will be a global version only.

You are ready to read a novel

Dragon Raja is an RPG game that adds technology to the new era. Players will enter a game set in the context of ancient China, just like the “magical Kung-fu world” novels. Here, all the power comes from the cultivation process of ordinary people and becomes increasingly sublime. This game will be oriented almost like that with a variety of power systems and multiple levels for players to freely practice over a long time.

About Unreal Engine 4, it has allowed creative teams to optimize every landscape in the game. Players may feel like they are watching a 3D movie produced by China. The world there is diverse, transformed and there are exciting turns of time and space. Characters are also a highlight of the game when players are given the right to create their logo. First, they will receive a character model and then adjust themselves, interfere with all their physical characteristics. After a time of artistic creativity, players will create a character according to their wishes. The powerful 5-skill system will be based on the factor chosen by the character before entering the game. It will determine your fighting style and gameplay for a long time. Of course, you will be able to customize how these skills work and work together, so don’t be afraid that your gameplay will be the same as anyone in that vast game world.

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