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“Dragon Mania Legends is for anyone that wants their very own pet dragon, which is obviously everyone…”

Dragon species is actually one of the most exploited contents in the entertainment world of all time. Since the beginning of human fantasies, dragons have been considered one of the most powerful creatures, representing many things. You can see now that the content about Zombie is viral, but it still cannot erase the influence of dragons in popular culture in general and the game market in particular. In the past, dragons had a terrible image that made many people feel scared and abstained whenever they mentioned it. Many different cultures have many different construction images, but most of them share a typical face. However, at present, everything has been dramatically changed. Gameloft is one of the leaders in the movement of using dragon images in a variation and diversification. Later on, there was an extremely popular How to Train Your Dragon film, and it also had its own game series.

Back to the main point, Gameloft had launched Dragon Mania for a long time before everyone knew about the famous animated series. And actually, it’s been so long before the game was developed on Android and iOS. If someone uses Nokia smartphones, it can also be experienced. This is enough to show the publisher’s long-term and considerate care of their products. Until now, it has achieved 50 million downloads right on Google Play under the name “Dragon Mania Legends.” Actually, this is a remarkable success with the effort that the design team has spent and maintenance for many years.

Pet species with legendary power

As mentioned above, dragons are representatives of strength and authority, so no one thinks about bringing it back like a pet. The era of change made thinking change; dragons are now designed with a cute appearance, and personality is also much more comfortable than before. Therefore, a simulation game allows players to bring dragons home and raise them as a matter of course. “Dragon Mania Legends” has turned dragons into a diverse variety with many different branches with looks and personalities that are also diversified. There will be a lot of things for you to research and learn about this game.

DRAGOLANDIA, a gathering place for dragon lovers

This is just an island created by Gameloft itself to give players a specific place to experience the feelings of mastering dragons. In fact, this island had never had any humans before. You are the first to discover this place and also one of the people who love dragons. The legendary creatures living on this island immediately feel your sympathy for them. Both species live together happily and peacefully, giving each other good memories. This really helps a lot to change the stereotype about this supposedly aggressive creature.

Biological diversity and vividness in design

There has never been a dragon race that is so cute and lovely. “Dragon Mania Legends” has built an image that many children around the world always admire. With a well-groomed graphic model, using the latest technology to design the image of everything present in the game, it brings a world of fantasy but amazingly realistic simulations. Of course. This is genuinely a simulation game; players participate in it only intending to build a prosperous island, living photos, and understanding creatures that people have previously misunderstood. Learn, the more you see the diversity and richness in the species and their habitat, everything is really alive in the eyes of a human being.

Cute friends, bringing warm feelings like pets.

In the world of “Dragon Mania Legends,” dragons become pets, and they have similar personalities with lovely dogs. They are always wrapped in tangerines, and you want to be taken care of, nurtured, and cared for. Dragons who receive your privilege always develop quickly and become much more powerful than their peers. In addition, players also receive a lot of gold and exclusive bonuses if they take care of their dragons.

The brilliant civilization took dragon species as a heritage.
This island has not only dragon species but also a civilization built tens of thousands of years ago. Now, when you go there and live, you must respect their lifestyle, and keep and promote the good traditions that the ancient dragons have left for posterity. Players will be allowed to customize a lot of buildings and decorations on the island. The design style depends on the aesthetic of the player if you like cute images, you should choose the pink ones. However, prioritize the certainty and durability because it will be your legacy if the player wants to maintain this island for thousands of years.

Rich and species-like and endless content

Basically, the variety that owns “Dragon Mania Legends” has been repeated many times. Never before has any animal-raising game invested in more than 350 different unique species. The creativity that the design team has come up with is really respectable — more than 350 types of dragons with different characteristics, different types of strengths, and personalities. In antagonistic battles with enemies, these types of powers can be combined to create a form with the ability to work together well. Another feature that makes the game so appealing is that it allows you to breed a variety of elemental dragons to create generations of descendants carrying the power of both species.

Fighting for glory and protecting your land

Actually, a game product without a disputed element becomes quite boring. At some point, people will be bored with the peaceful prospect of the countryside, all day around with work. Dragon Island contains a terrible power, and it becomes an obsession for the Vikings. In legend, the Vikings and dragons are two opponents who can never forgive each other. These warlike people are always looking for ways to chase and kill dragons. In fact, in How to Train Your Dragon, it was apparent. In the match 3VS3, she will command her dragons to participate in the fight against the fierce and stinking Vikings. Dragons need to be trained so the player must send them to the Academy to improve their skills and equip them with special attacks to be qualified to fight against the opponent. Take advantage of the power of Dragon Fury; they will be the ultimate attack of dragons.

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