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Bully: Anniversary Edition (MOD, Unlimited Money)

The period of schooling is one of the best memories of people. There they will learn new things from their teachers, get to know many friends and get in touch with a healthy environment. However, there are still hidden corners of schooling and what makes the most annoying students are bullies. When you come to school with a good mood, it will definitely go smoothly and get the best learning results, as expected. On the contrary, having just entered the school gate, you have to worry about a certain bear head blocking the road and using violent acts and threatening words. This is not good for the body and the spirit.

Rockstar Games has released a game that reflects this in the most honest way ever. “Bully” is always among the most popular products not only at the present time but from the time it was released as a gamer since 2006. In 2016, there was a version of the game released to the 10th anniversary of this game in the market. It was called Bully: Anniversary Edition sold on Google Play for about $ 6. This is a fairly cheap price for a product that is highly appreciated by many people. If you understand, it is a product that gathers a lot of popular content from the previous and then edited sections to become a complete game. Such a game is too worthy to experience whether you are a long-time fan or a person who just discovered the game within a few months.

A high-class product

A basic thing that everyone knows before downloading the game, how to see your phone configuration first. “Bully: Anniversary Edition” is a complete product and uses the best features, so players also need to have a more powerful Android smartphone. The minimum requirement is that players need to be equipped with Android 8.0 to be compatible with this game. Even in the recent update, the game has upgraded to a new level and allows players to use the game with Android 9. This progress is a good base for the game to continue to move towards the future and release more new patches, adding new gameplay for players to experience.

It was because of pouring all of his technology into the game compatibility upgrade for the high-end version, “Bully: Anniversary Edition” saved a lot of effort in compressing data. For example, other games allow players to download their products often in two directions. One is that they will contain everything in the download file, although it is a bit slower, the player will have an accurate quantification of the game they are playing. Secondly, they will give a file like a client and then the real capacity will be added to your device via an internet connection.

This is usually used for online games. Bully: Anniversary Edition is very compact, only about 11MB in size, thanks to technology upgrades. But it works in a second way, once you have the apk file, everything starts to be added to your device. This takes no more time. The smartphone that can operate with Android 8.0 has enough power to run this game already. So it doesn’t matter if you have strong wifi. In general, this is a product that is made extremely well with many attractive features that if you qualify, you should not ignore it. A small disclosure, if you still want to experience it without a smartphone strong enough, play with the PC version. It only requires you a minimal configuration to play and can still function smoothly.

Attractive image design – describing a real life

Just by looking at it once, you can understand how this game really was designed successfully. The player will feel each character’s movement is completed, it seems that the 3D animations are shown in theaters. The school is made vividly to small details, the characters in the game are built as a real character in the movie too. Both the main character and the minor character have their own personalities and shaping corresponds to it. Every corner of Bullworth Academy is revealed to the players as clearly as possible. The corrupt and crumbling prep school will be the place where the character struggles to survive for a year there.

Attractive gameplay – the variety of styles

It describes honestly the way a mischievous student is put into a terrible school. Players will experience all the bad habits that have been present in a modern school. Players must face the most corrupt and disruptive students gathered about a special school for them. Will you become a joke for them or be able to resist before being frustrated and crying. Never give up, even though teachers are always late in helping bullied students. In the end, they still have to follow justice. You will also experience a series of bouts of student love with the girls arranged in the game. Each girl will be a different personality for you to learn, and trade again. Sometimes you will have to choose to stay cool and resist bullying or become softer to be able to please your girlfriend. Anyway, never lose your identity.

The noticeable improvement

Bully: Anniversary Edition is a collection of all the essences in previous games. High-resolution displays, enhanced graphics, improved lighting and textures, and controls redesigned for touch gameplay, … are all inherently inherited. Players can also get exciting new gameplay. It is one of the most talked-about topics in lively discussions in this gaming forum. Friend Challenges allow players to participate in mini-games organized in class periods. This gameplay allows players to compete with classmates to show off their true talents. If you win, you will prove to the bears that you are all-round, good at learning and not being bullied.

These mini-games look simple as dissect the frog quick in Biology, solve word problems in English, help a flying squirrel destroy his enemies with acorns in Nut Shots, and much more. They will act as arcade games with simple operation mechanisms, the controls don’t need to be too complicated. The only thing needed in these competitions is that the player must be sensitive to the situation and comment on the opponent’s weakness and exploit. The small rewards in this game will be able to help you gain an advantage in real battles outside the classroom. You can win them in class but outside is a much more fierce battle.

All download links for Bully: Anniversary Edition (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Download Bully: Anniversary Edition
V1.0.0.19 (Original Version)
Download Bully: Anniversary Edition
V1.0.0.19 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Download Bully: Anniversary Edition
V1.0.0.19 (Unzip to Android/obb patch)

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