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Battle Chasers: Nightwar (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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    August 2, 2019
Battle Chasers: Nightwar (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Action games always have a place in the game market of the world because it brings competition as well as suspense to players when their gameplay experience. For many games, it uses newly created elements and gives players new feelings. However, for many people, the old way of playing along with well-known operating mechanisms is more accessible. Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a successful product in this genre thanks to its harmonious combination of old elements as a foundation, and more fusion mechanisms. It has sold a lot right on Google Play and brings significant revenue for HandyGames. At the present time, this is one of their most respected products. If you want to get free features and support, please use our apk file.

The turn-based battles

HandyGames is really an extremely prestigious game provider when most of their games are released. If you’ve ever visited their game store, you will immediately realize that this publisher owns more than 50 games in his inventory. With a variety of genres and exciting ways of playing, they are always among the most popular games in their genre. The fact that you should know is that the manufacturer offers graphics based on the story of the game, not creating a unique style at all. It is a legitimate investment that gives them a lot of sweet results.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a hugely successful game among the new products launched this summer. It was introduced as an RPG with classic inspiration, using the same mechanism of operation with those handheld consoles. Almost all the features of classic-style games are assembled in one version, making it feel nostalgic. But actually, it contains a lot of new elements for modern gamers. Whether you are a middle-aged man or a boy, you can join this gameplay and feel its appeal. You will be taken to the JRPG-presented adventures with turn-based, skill-based, dungeon exploration as well as a story built in depth.


Turn-based combat too familiar with all the players in the world. Whether you are a newcomer or a person who has played a game for a long time, you know how these games work. Players will control a force of their own and find a way to win the enemy side by destroying all their life forces. However, this style of game has a characteristic that you can’t avoid the enemy’s attack. Both will have to deal with all the moves that the opponent launches.

Usually, there will be two ways to win a battle: dealing damage to the opponent as quickly as possible so that they die first, they can fulfill their abilities, or you will have to be more persistent than them ( withstand large amounts of damage without dying. Usually, to achieve the optimal state, it takes a lot of time and trade many things to build a lineup that harmonizes these two elements. But determine that I like to play offensive or defensive because the characters in the game will have the skills to interact with each other to create effects.

In order to search for their opponents, players will have to travel in many places. It will be a battle that young Gully seeks to meet his father, Aramus – a famous hero who ventures into a dangerous land. Across the road will be a meeting between five strange heroes possessing different powers trying to help you and Gully. The dark and mysterious forests are always the place that makes you feel danger close to it, or sometimes a terrible cold in the far North. The Tolka Arena is also sometimes the place to explore the brutality of an old arena.

In addition to the power that the squad itself possesses, you are allowed to make different equipment to make them stronger. This factor decides almost 50% of your victory in the match. Because it will play the element of surprise for the opponent as well as make your team allowed to diversify power. Characters with significant damage can still survive if they are attacked individually due to increased stamina.

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