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Asphalt Nitro (MOD, Free Shopping/All Cars)

Asphalt Nitro is still a “monster” in terms of graphics, but the actual capacity is only about 35MB.

Asphalt is always a racing game. Many people mentioned when they wanted a certain standard to compare new products of the same category. We can see that it is the standard of everything so that people can judge whether a game is AAA level? In the beginning, it was just a game that was famous for its extremely cool, beautiful graphics, and ahead of its time. But more and more, Gameloft realized the ability of this game, so they invested extremely fiercely. Everything is upgraded so that it is always the leader. Even after this, when the game has a lot of different versions, it still maintains its position. For many people, this series has become a desirable annual brand.

Asphalt Nitro is an upgraded version of this series. There will be some differences that give players a more extensive choice instead of playing their central part. One feature of this game, even more valuable, is how it is designed to optimize the number of games that the game uses in your phone. If the player notices, it will see, it only has 37MB. This means that all low-end smartphones can use this game comfortably without having to think twice. In fact, if you have a modern smartphone and can hold dozens of gigabytes of data, then you won’t choose this game because it already has optimizations in graphic design and gameplay. However, if you consider it an extension of the main series, it really is a valuable extension. If you think it a real game, this can be much better with the follower products produced based on the main series.

Basic game rules

In essence, it is still a Gameloft product released on the brand of Asphalt. Because of this, the rules of the game and its style of operation do not have any significant differences. Players will be allowed to control their cars and go through the roads with their brand design. Thanks to that, players will quickly reach the finish line and get the glory that they should have. Thanks to the fact that Gameloft has acquired the copyright of the latest supercars, players will be allowed to enjoy them freely. Do you feel excited about the millions of sports cars sold on television like Ferrari LaFerrari or Lamborghini Veneno? If you don’t have that huge budget to experience the authenticity of a real car like So, “Asphalt Nitro” will give you. In fact, to own a car like that in the game is also quite tricky, so if you bring it to the racetrack, it is indeed cooler than most competitors around. Go through complicated tracks, don’t scratch it. LOL. Burn Nitro in the jar and enjoy the acceleration in 0.5s.

The coolest lanes

Although everything has been simplified, it is still impossible to hide a meticulously designed graphics. You will probably spend all your attention to stunning and powerful cars. However, when entering the real tracks, the player will inevitably be the way created just to bring challenges to you.

The speed machines that you own carry in you a genuinely formidable power. It can accelerate to a maximum within 0.5 seconds. Whether you can go to your destination or not depends on your gaming skills. At some races, the player will see a built-in slope with a speed booster icon. Don’t be shy and rush into it. Actually, what is behind the slope? However, you will still rush into it because the player will be able to use his car once in the sky. Those beautiful adventures are always made by the developer with charming slow-motion effects. It allows you to enjoy the feeling of being above everything slowly. It is majestic and satisfying. Besides, once you rise like that, it will be farther away from your opponent. If you continue to maintain your form, then perhaps the result of the match is available from the moment you risked it.

Diversity of game modes

Really speaking, when players join in any game, they want a fascinating experience with rich experiences. “Asphalt Nitro” can also understand that player’s desire, so it becomes one of the works that allow them to participate in the most compelling gameplay in this genre.

With eight different modes, play can call other riders to participate in their match to challenge talent, although the race is still simple to see who comes first. However, the additional rules make your racing goal different. For example, the familiar mode “chase police” will return after a time of absence in “Asphalt Nitro.” This time you will not race with others but must flee the police. They always follow you and if the player slows down a bit, make sure they are caught. Probably because of the crime of running too fast on city streets. There is a mode called “knockdown,” which allows players to use their powers to destroy rival cars. You have many ways to do this, pushing them down in the pool is one of the most popular and classic styles. Of course, the default mode is still to allow players to race with their friends and become the best result driver.

The adventures around the world are similar to the games of the same genre, “Asphalt Nitro” allows players to participate in exciting races. The tracks will be designed in a problematic way to challenge the player’s talents. However, if you look at it a little more carefully, it will quickly be realized that the game has designed these tracks, set around the world. Have you ever wanted to adventure in the Egyptian city of Cairo, where all are designed with themes that contain the secrets of the ancient Pharaon? Or go to the streets of China, both complex and crowded.

Thanks to 3D technology, Asphalt Nitro has simulated almost all the most beautiful landscapes in the world. With each different event, the game also unlocks new places that make the player always feel fresh and exciting. Moreover, there will be characteristics that are not included in the official description, but you must find out for yourself. Big roads, eating arrows with instructions of gameplay are, of course, the safest way to reach the destination. But if you are observant, you may realize that there are shortcuts to getting you to your goal faster. However, this can only happen when you are familiar with the map. Don’t take the risk of going into strange paths, sometimes ruining yourself in the rankings.

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