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Sometimes, we encounter unintended incidents and cannot solve them ourselves. At that time, police emergency relief is needed and if you are in the US, call the 911 telephone number. You may not know that these relief workers must work day and night to ensure the safety of all people. In order to honor these efforts, “Games Operators SA” has released the 911 Operator game and allows anyone to become a 911 operator. Everywhere in the city, people are in need. help in an emergency. Are you willing to work to ensure everyone’s safety?

Emergency Units Dispatching

In this simulation game, the player will become the operator of the emergency support line. Calls from people who need help will connect with you and they will tell about the situation they are having trouble with. It could be a house fire, a robbery, someone was injured and needed medical relief, criminals who were trafficking in drugs, domestic violence or anything. You will run forces: firefighters, health workers, and police allocate them to positions in the city to help people.

However, this coordination is not simple at all when calls are constantly being called but your forces are limited. In the early stages, there were only 4 fire brigades, 5 police teams, and 2 medical teams but the number required more help than that. Clearly, these requests cannot be processed together. Sometimes you will have to make difficult decisions such as: ask them to wait, listen to their problems and show how to deal with them or tell that it is not an emergency and needs to Help from 911. When there are calls, it will show up on the screen and provide the decision at the bottom for you to choose. Sometimes there are people who make fun of 911, be alert enough to realize this and refuse to serve.

Work anywhere you want

Although the first round of the game takes place in New York City in the US, you can also work anywhere: Tokyo-Yokohama (Japan), Jakarta (Indonesia), Moscow (Russia) , Los Angeles (US), Berlin (Germany), Albuquerque (New Mexico) and thousands of other cities worldwide. However, these maps are not available. Please access the “Open Street Maps” feature to download and help people right away.

Additional emergency force

After a while of trying to work and complete tasks excellently, the system will grant higher authority for you to become a manager and can recruit new relief forces. Visit the Shop, which is a place to recruit members for fire, police, or ambulance teams. There are also types of vehicles and support items such as ambulances, fire trucks, helicopters for faster travel, first aid boxes, bulletproof armor for police, technical toolboxes, rifles (used to suppress dangerous crimes), and more. However, this process will not be free and cost a lot of money. So, what to do to get the money? Hard working to receive a salary? Perform daily tasks? Yes, but you will also receive bonuses when you save someone’s life when they are in a dangerous situation such as emergency when someone is in an accident, saving hostages in the kidnapping, or Suppress terrorists trying to throw city bombs.

Campaign Mode

If you sometimes feel that your ability can do even better, experience Campaign Mode. Here, the level of difficulty will continue to increase when you have to run more than 20 relief teams while calls for help are constantly being called. Situations such as throwing bombs of terrorism, trading Heroin, illegally selling weapons, fighting, fires, traffic accidents will take place more. Other unrelated situations are also included to mess up, for example, someone calls because their cat is climbing a tree, someone is looking for a lover to date, their neighbor making noise, or a girl who is afraid of ghosts and does not dare to go out to buy snacks. Need to be alert in these situations and ask them the necessary questions like what problems are you having? What help do you need? to determine the problem in the fastest way, thereby making appropriate relief decisions, or refusing to serve.

All download links for 911 Operator (MOD, Unlocked/Money)
Download 911 Operator
V3.07.29 (MOD, Money/Unlocked)
Download 911 Operator
V3.07.29 (Unzip to Android/obb patch)

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